Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Official Video HD)

Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Official Video HD)

26. Oktober 2018 1.533 views Frühling am Meer, Urlaub,Ferien,Reisen -
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58 responses for Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Official Video HD)

  1. Melli Low sagt:

    first song I knew from him.. RIP to a man who had me and millions of others dancing on the best parties for years.. 💔

  2. Marry Ema sagt:

    46 MIL!!! 💕 Rest in peace legend!!

  3. MELERIX sagt:

    R.I.P Avicii :/

  4. Luchezar Stoinev sagt:

    R.I.P Avicii 😢

  5. AERO Official sagt:

    You’re not dead Tim…’re still living in our hearts…..

  6. Southyboiii sagt:

    R.I.P … my fav Tim berg song before he became Avicii.. god bless

  7. Toby Caunter sagt:

    His best track, RIP 😢

  8. Elias Borregaard sagt:

    I remember this was one of the songs i heard the most in 2010 and the house song i heard the most. I grew up with AVICII, and now he is gone.. May you rest in peace swedish angel.
    Du vil forevigt forblive i vore hjerter! RIP

  9. Animal Sauvage sagt:

    Paul Walker 🏎
    Avicii 🔊
    R.I.P 🕯

  10. thegunner 1995 sagt:

    I just realized how much I was influenced by Tim, in terms of producing, FL, Nexus, dance Piano, I always thought that this is just for beginners, but he was a legend, there is no one near him in EDM, he just took it to another level… I still can’t believe it he is gone. RIP Tim

  11. Ronaldinho aleatório sagt:


  12. naomiishier sagt:

    I listen this and just miss Avicii so much 💔😭 So much memories, I’m crying 😭😭❤

  13. Andy 123 sagt:

    Damn that dude looks like archie from riverdale.

  14. EDM Nomad sagt:

    Who’s listening in *2018* ?

  15. Nadine _84 sagt:

    Through your music you saved so many of us.
    I’m sorry we couldn’t save you.
    I hope you find peace ❤️

  16. FresHit sagt:

    Every songs melody telling a great story, you are awesome avicii!

  17. Eduarxx Récords sagt:

    Avicii Thanks!

  18. James Jeremy sagt:

    September 2018.. 🥀

  19. lalala sagt:

    Por que se van sin la tia después si eran amigos desde el principio los tres??????😕


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