Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music ★68

Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music ★68

11. November 2017 18.541 views Schlafen -
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Bedding Gewebe: Flanell Fabric Material: Baumwolle Anwendbar Bettgrße: 1.5m, 1.8m Gewebedichte: Drucken und Färben 133×100 Prozess: Reaktiv Drucken und Färben Prozess Weben: Twill Stil: Spitze Stil: Blatt-Typ Stückzahl: 4 Stück

Multimediale Sprachkurse
Grundkurs Grundkurs :

  • Über 1300 Vokabeln (Grundwortschatz)
  • 42 Dialogtexte
  • Umfangreiche Grammatik
  • Sie erreichen damit die Stufe A1 + A2 des „Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens“


Aufbaukurse Aufbaukurse:

    • Über 1800 neue Vokabeln (Aufbauwortschatz)


  • 42 neue Dialogtexte
  • Sie erreichen damit die Stufe B1 + B2 des „Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens“


Fachwortschatz Fachwortschatz-Vokabeltrainer:

  • Über 2.100 neue Vokabeln und Fachausdrücke
  • Vorausgesetzt wird der Basiskurs sowie derAufbaukurs. Zusammen mit diesen beiden Kursen bauen Sie sich einen Wortschatz von über 5.000 Wörtern auf!
  • Sortiert nach 42 Themenbereichen
  • Sie erreichen damit die Stufe C1 + C2 des „Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens“


Expresskurse Expresskurse :

  • 450 Vokabeln + Redewendungen
  • In wenigen Tagen fit für die Reise
  • Redewendungen für jede Urlaubssituation


Kindersprachkurse Kindersprachkurse:

    • Kindersprachkurs und Bild-Wörterbuch


  • Für Kinder zwischen 5 und 10
  • Für ein erstes Kennenlernen der Sprache


Wörterbücher Digitale Wörterbücher:

    • Schnelle Suchfunktion mit Volltextsuche in der Fremdsprache und Deutsch
    • Einfache und intuitive Bedienung
    • Damit finden Sie alle Übersetzungen viel schneller als mit jedem gedruckten Wörterbuch!


Gastronomie und Tourismus Gastronomie und Tourismus-Vokabeltrainer:

  • Über 1.400 neue Vokabeln, Redewendungen und Fachbegriffe
  • Sortiert nach 40 Themenbereichen


Natur und Geographie Natur und Geographie-Vokabeltrainer:

    • Über 550 neue Vokabeln, Redewendungen und Fachbegriffe


  • Sortiert nach 20 Themenbereichen


Auswandern Auswandern-Vokabeltrainer:

  • Über 2.000 neue Vokabeln, Redewendungen und Fachbegriffe
  • Sortiert nach 39 Themenbereichen



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78 responses for Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music ★68

  1. Soothing Relaxation sagt:

    A 6 hours long version of this music is available here:
    Many of you have asked if I could make a longer version so I hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. Rico Smith sagt:

    after hours of searching for the perfect sleep muisc I been trying to go to sleep since 8pm its now 2am I have took upwards of 12 Unisom PMs in that time span and i’m still restless intil I found this video, when the music first played I had a cool flow of blood to my left side of my head as if a Angel touched my scalp i’m totally at peace it even feels like i’m in the throne room of Jesus Christ surrounded by his Archangels words can’t express the feelings I say these words as a Sinner thats struggling to accept Jesus is my dark world I will not quit seeking Grace no matter how many times I fall off the horse thank you for this wonderful music video I believe the holy spirit guided me to this

    • MrHappy3feet sagt:

      For real yall leave Rico Smith alone, he’s just trying to be better and find a little peace like all of us. Shitting on his beliefs and long ranty statements won’t make your lives better. I’m Glad you feel good with this vid Rico

    • Melody Fields sagt:

      Try real love it works, it is what brings peace.

    • lllewelll sagt:

      +Rico Smith
      You really need to have a basic yoga routine each night. By basic, I mean 2-3 very simple yoga postures: „baby“ „cobra“ and perhaps another. You’re likely carrying loads of nerve tension from the day, which needs to be melted and dumped through these key yoga postures and slow, steady breathing. You’ll see….

    • Caroline Akporokah sagt:

      Well said. Amen. Jesus is real and i know this with all of my mind, body and soul. Keep searching and you will find the truth. God will reveal it all to you..

  3. Gabby Kucela sagt:

    This made me think about all my mistakes and my saddest parts in life. I feel like this is all just a dream. Some parts good while others are bad. I wish that I had a normal life but I don’t. It makes me wonder if life will get better or if I just have to take the hard way in everything. I wish that I could make my life better or if I’m the cause of some mistakes. I have lived in 6 different houses and I’m not even 12. I make it look like I am always happy but sometimes it’s hard to hold it all in. I got bullied by my own best friend and that’s not even the worst part about my life. I had to say goodbye to a normal life when I was 5. I just wish that all the sadness could go away not just for me but for everyone. Please like this if you have a hard life to. Just remember that you are worth living no matter what people say.

    ~Gabby Kucela

  4. Relaxing Cozy Sounds ASMR sagt:

    Amazing music and video. Thank you for Sharing it to the world. Love & Light ?


    Let me guess

    School or Work?

  6. Gotham Gaming sagt:

    We humans are destroying this beautiful world and we don’t even notice it we need to save this world not destroy it we need to put our head in and think about what we are doing we must stop this terror I don’t think the world can take much longer so we need to pull our heads in and think about what we are doing to this wonderful land
    One like = one guy who stops and thinks about what he is doing

    • Melody Fields sagt:

      Mankind is ruining the earth and believe me soon all the wickedness will be gone and those who do wicked works, they are the ones that shake their heads and say no one can see them, they think people are stupid for believing in our Heavenly Father, they call him sky daddy or a fairytale, those are the one that will never understand how to take care of this beautiful earth. trust in your higher power because things we have never ever seen before are going to happen to shake this earth to it foundations, and if you don’t trust God how will you be saved.

    • Kixet sagt:

      I AGREE!!

      Sadly… most people dont care or listen, soon we’ll have no nature left and they’ll all take a step back and see what they’ve done

    • Kelli Russell sagt:

      Gotham Gaming Bbvvvvggbbgghklko??

    • Abhijeet Kumar sagt:

      Gotham Gaming really @Gotham we humans just not destroying our nature.We are moving towards a dark world where no animal, no plants and trees. just pollution and explosive population around us.

      I am in search of peace and nature loving people who will try to make our golden future as relating peoples towards nature and its beauty.

    • Beth_Da_Best sagt:

      Hmm is that 1 person us??! Because it is for me

  7. David Bird sagt:

    I actually cried listening to this and watching it

  8. Ethan Wilson sagt:

    My grandad died yesterday. This is what makes me feel better. Thank you for making this. Life is hard for me right now please pray for me I would really appreciate it b

  9. assassinMax1 sagt:

    Listening to the music and reading a lot of comments here made me realize that our world is still beautiful place with good people all around the world. Don’t give up on this life and live though hard times, because in the end there is always sunshine that waits for us. I wish all of you to reach your dreams and to get through troubles. Have a good night, live through next day without regrets and hello from cold Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod.

  10. creeperington TnT sagt:

    Thank you all in the comments your all so nice most of the time when I look in the comments all i see is hate and in the real world thank you soothing relaxation for the great music and I hope you get 500K

  11. Shalima Love sagt:

    This music and the beautiful pictures make me dream. ?

  12. Paige Greenforest sagt:

    I listen to this when I cannot sleep, my doctor said because I have a rare thing where I cannot go for more than an hour without something like an electronic or something soothing to my ears I get extremely sick, so at night he said to plug in ear buds and listen to calm music. I definitely listen to yours, I don’t know something about this music feels so relaxable, I’m able to think positive, it’s not that anybody else’s music doesn’t do the same but I find yours so soothing and it helps me sleep. Thank you so much for helping me be able to sleep at night.

  13. Raluca Oancea sagt:

    Like who is here in 2017

  14. Александр ForestLamp sagt:

    Everyone here is special! Don’t forget that, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and calm down! Have a nice day/night!

  15. Hanaa Kh sagt:

    I am from syria and my country is being dstroied….of course no one will care because I am Arabian….it is a sad fact

  16. antoyea sagt:

    The meaning of life is life…that’s it,and with infinite possibility..we are the gate keepers and we hold all the keys,don’t ever think that you are not worthy,you are perfect and you have a purpose..the universe does not make mistakes.we are all Devine entities waiting to graduate to higher consciousness….good or bad yin or Yan….it doesn’t matter.what matters is unconditional love because love will bring light into the darkness of any room….chose love over fear ?

  17. Soothing Relaxation sagt:

    *PART 8* : I think it’s really fascinating that people from all around the world is
    listening to my music, and it would have been great to make a list with
    your names and the locations you’re watching this from. Feel free to
    leave a comment below. Thank you very much for watching! 🙂

    Here’s the link if you’re
    interested in downloading the music ►

    I am completely blown away by all the wonderful support you’ve shown my
    channel lately. Thank you so much! Everyone is free to continue
    streaming this here on YouTube, but this music is now also available for
    purchase as a 30 minutes long version. Thank you again for all the warm feedback and kind words. I wish you
    all a fantastic day/evening and hope to see you around in our little
    community in the future! 🙂

  18. Soothing Relaxation sagt:

    If you had to describe how you’re feeling right now with one word or sentence, what would it be?

    • Lizzy Cookie sagt:

      Soothing Relaxation angry at my brother for him waking me up at 10 and I went to sleep at 1 to steal all my Halloween candy and him blasting his phone on some stupid comedy act that he always listens to all he way up and not even looking for his headphones,making me look for them and I still can’t find them to make him shut up and he’s soposed to be doing his homework but he isn’t

    • Hanaa Kh sagt:

      Soothing Relaxation I am supported …becaus of some good friends …♥♥♥_syria#

  19. Soothing Relaxation sagt:

    Good night from Norway! 🙂


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