On The Record, A Story Of A Mom Who Kept Record On Her Babys Stuff (English Edition)

On The Record, A Story Of A Mom Who Kept Record On Her Babys Stuff (English Edition)

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A Mother Recorded all the Follow-up of Her Baby for 14 Months

How many minutes have you given your chest, how many diapers have you changed? Are you one of those people who like to have everything logged in tables and templates?

For this mother is also one of them and has taken the job of keeping track of the time she has invested in breastfeeding her baby, the amount of milk you gave in 14 months, as well as the diapers that changed your baby and how much money you spent on them.

The follow-up was done with the help of a mobile application created to keep track of the development of the Baby and Excel and shared it on Reddit three days ago so that parents can get a real idea of what the baby care implies during the first months of life.

Amount of breast milk produced

No, the chest does not come with a meter to know exactly how much the baby has taken. To calculate it, it has been based on research on the subject. It has calculated, for the first three months, two ounces (59 ml) every 20 minutes, the next four month, 3 ounces (89 ml) and after that, 4 ounces (118 ml).

To interpret it, you have to look at the picture of the months. In the first column appear the months, in the second the average of shots per day, in the third, the average time that lasted the shots per day in minutes. In the last, the amount of milk extracted, in ounces (1 oz = 29 ml)

Reflected in the above table, we find the total amount of milk produced (204.20 liters) plus the amount of milk extracted (62.37 liters), a total of 266.57 liters. It has also calculated calories, based on an average of 20 calories per ounce, which has dropped a total of 180,280 calories, the equivalent of 320 Big Macs.

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