Beyoncé – Formation

Beyoncé – Formation

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Grammy nominated best video of the year "Formation" from LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now! iTunes: TIDAL:

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85 responses for Beyoncé – Formation

  1. Vro sagt:


  2. stages in minecraft PE sagt:

    Beyonce the Queen

  3. Messias Adriano sagt:


  4. BizzardDilyer sagt:


  5. Jose Dias sagt:

    Formation ♡♡♡♡

  6. VICTOR WIEIRA sagt:

    Euuuuuuuu amoooo esse clipe euuu amo essa mulher Brasil ?? ♥️♥️♥️♥️ ícone !! Esse clipe é minha religião ???

  7. Linda Lin sagt:

    Who came back from Beychella ?!!! ???

  8. Anh Duy sagt:

    Who’s here after coachella?

  9. JOz Island sagt:

    After *COACHELLA* ?

  10. Queen Beyoncé sagt:

    Just Beyoncé not BeyonceVevo a concept

  11. Deasia Colbert sagt:

    Who still listing in 2018

  12. Charnell Life sagt:

    This song represents all of our beautiful black women out here slaying ????????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??

  13. Mike Zhang sagt:

    The lyrics of “Formation” are obviously filled with black power. We can hear Beyonce’s unique rap singing in the verse that has been featured in her last top-ten hit “Drunk in Love”, talking about how excellent and stylish she is and featuring several symbols of Black heritage such as afros and Jackson Five nostrils. After introducing those important self-defining features, she started to announce her attitude in the chorus. The chorus, with the styles of Bounce and Hip Hop, starts to repeat certain inspirational statements like “I dream hard and work hard … cause I slay, I slay, I slay.” Moreover, we can even notice certain words like Albino Alligators, which are used to satirize the white supremacy in the society. The lyrics are orientated to encourage the cultural, political and commercial independence of the black power so it is unavoidable to hear various critical and even extreme comments on this song. However, Beyonce is supported by the majority of people and organizations in the society. For example, Saturday Night Live made an interesting parody video mocking the racist reactions of the conservative white community to “Formation”.

    The music video of “Formation” actually adds more controversial symbols of the African American culture and sensitive political implications to it. The video starts with a tragic scene in New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina in 2005, as an irony that the police rarely did anything to protect the safety of black communities there. Then we can see Beyonce plays several roles as a black woman — a mistress, a housewife, or a leader and she portrays every role as indomitable and self-conscious who will is not pitiful in both look and behaviors. It ends with Beyonce and the car on which she stands sinking into the flood, an irony that the police almost became the stand-by during the whole disaster, which is dramatic but politically inflammatory. Actually, we can detect more political implications such as the scene that a black child is dancing hip-hop in front of a crowd of white policemen with weapons and they surrendered to the kid in front of a wall with slogan “Stop Shooting Us!”, as a reference to the recent shooting accidents happened to some black teenagers by the police. All of those scenes imply that this video is definitely politically inspirational — The long-held discrimination toward African American communities is still ubiquitous in most aspects of the society including the government. Moreover, the video indirectly supports the Black Lives Matter Movement with the mothers of certain victims holding pictures of their sons.

    Its live performance then puts everything explicit or implicit in this song on the stage in front of the whole nation and directly asserts its central content — the black power. She took the stage of Super Bowl on February 7th, with her “Black Panther with Golden X” outfit as a tribute to Michael Jackson and the dancers’ X formation as a tribute to Malcom X. She then instantly joined the performance of Bruno Mars and they shared the stage just like two boxers on stage competing for the spotlight. Noticeably, Bruno Mars, who is partly Filipino, and she, who is from Houston, are both two black superstars in this century and they later performed with Coldplay from UK, strongly calling for marriage equality and race equality around the world as one. What a theme!

    Admittedly, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the other nine tracks from this album. The album begins with “Pray You Catch Me”, filled with elusive scent of doubts and mistrusts from a broken-heart. The anger accumulates with the Reggae style “Hold Up” and electro-R&B “Sorry” while she claims women’s independence again, implying that she can still be Queen Bee without Jay Z. Then there is the incredible duet “6 Inches” with The Weeknd, which emphasizes women’s economic independence — “She works for her money from the start to the finish, she worth every dollar and she worth every minute.” In the following songs “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”, she expresses some forgiveness and her weakness but soon reconnects her personal hardship with the whole nation’s pain. After the interlude “Forward”, “Freedom” is another epic track with elements of rock and roll and Kendrick Lamar’s rap verse, calling for both racial and sexual equality. “All Night”, about rekindled unity and love after a long period of disbeliefs and separations, is a perfect ending for this story while symbolizing the unity of different races, genders and LGBT communities ( a clip from the music video features a scene of a black man and white man kissing). All of them seem to describe the process of this affair and re-unity, but actually symbolize the struggles of millions of Americans for a truly equal society — she uses her own experience to reflect on the social problems with the current American society.

  14. ChicToast sagt:

    Why is still not on spotify ? nobody wants Jay Zs lame app

  15. Kemily Play sagt:

    eu estive aqui beijoss

  16. Luan M HI sagt:

    Amo esse Clipe essa música o Álbum tudo. ✨??????

  17. Chisenga Phiri sagt:

    This is America

  18. Joy Mechell sagt:

    Iconic bop ?☝?☝?☝?☝?❤️❤️?? I was at the bank and this ladies phone went off and this was playing . I almost did the dance right then and there . We made eye contact and was just like „?“ beyhive all day

  19. Nunu Bell sagt:

    I’ll never forget how white people lost they damn minds over this video ????

  20. Igor Henrique sagt:

    Who came here after „This is america“?


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